AlterOrb is a project that aims to emulate all the original features that were available in the original FunOrb games. It solely focuses on the single-player games that were available.

Downloading the Launcher

Before downloading, make sure you have at least Java 11 installed, you can download Java from the Adoptium Site.

The latest launcher version can always be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

Creating an account

You create an account by attempting to logging in with an unique username & password, upon successful login, your account has been created.

But I'm looking for the multiplayer games!

Sadly AlterOrb does not support any of the multiplayer games. But the most popular ones have community remakes, below you can find a direct link to a few. You can find more info about other projects in the FunOrb discord linked in the section below.

Getting help

If you’re having any trouble downloading or using the launcher you can ask for help in the following channels: