AlterOrb is a project that aims to emulate all the original features that were available in the original FunOrb games. It solely focuses on the single-player experience that were available in the original games.

Downloading the Launcher

Prebuilt binaries for Windows and Debian based linux systems are available at the GitHub releases page.

If you’re going to use the cross platform version (the jar file), make sure you have at least Java 17 installed, you can download Java from the Adoptium Project site.

Download the latest launcher from the GitHub releases page.

Creating an account

You create an account by using the signup form available inside the games.

Getting help

If you’re having any trouble downloading or using the launcher you can ask for help in the following channels:

Compatibility List

A game with full support signifies that all original features are available, including login, HiScores, Achievements and level progression.

A game with no-mp support signifies login, HiScores, Achievements and level progression are available but the multiplayer lobbies are disabled.

A game with basic support signifies that the game is launchable but no other features currently work.

Game Status
Ace of Skies full
Arcanists basic
Armies of Gielinor basic
Bachelor Fridge basic
Bouncedown full
Brick-à-Brac no-mp
Chess basic
Crazy Crystals full
Deko Bloko no-mp
Dr. Phlogiston Saves The Earth full
Dungeon Assault basic
Escape Vector basic
Flea Circus full
Geoblox full
Hold The Line basic
Hostile Spawn full
Kickabout League basic
Lexicominos full
Miner Disturbance full
Monkey Puzzle 2 full
Orb Defence full
Pixelate no-mp
Pool no-mp
Shattered Plans no-mp
Sol-Knight full
StarCannon full
Steel Sentinels basic
Stellar Shard full
SumoBlitz full
TerraPhoenix full
TetraLink no-mp
The Track Controller full
Thirty-Six Card Trick full
Tomb Racer basic
Tor Challenge full
Torquing! basic
Transmogrify full
Vertigo 2 no-mp
Virogrid no-mp
Void Hunters basic
Wizard Run full
Zombie Dawn full
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer basic


AlterOrb does have a patreon here. All patreons are appreciated, but they’re not required to keep AlterOrb running.